HealthShare Turns Community-Wide Health Information Into Health and Care Insights

It connects providers, patients, and payers with comprehensive patient records and analytics that span the care continuum.

InterSystems HealthShare is Top-Rated Health Information Exchange in EMR-Independent Category

— KLAS HIE 2016 Report

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Driving Transformation Beyond the EHR

When you use HealthShare to eliminate information barriers across the health and social care continuum, you make innovation and transformation possible.

Eliminates the Blind Spots

Duplicative or missing services are incompatible with safe, efficient, high quality care. By bringing together information from across the entire health and care system in real time, HealthShare eliminates the blind spots that lead to gaps in care, missed opportunities, and dangerous and expensive duplication.

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Creates Comprehensive Records for Collaborative Care

HealthShare creates a virtual, longitudinal, community-wide patient record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management. With embedded intelligence, and delivery of just the right information at the right time and place within delivery, management, and payment processes, HealthShare enables you to:

  • Align payers, providers and patients around a common plan of care
  • Create unified, virtual teams, regardless of governance structure: ACOs, MCOs, Patient Centered Medical Homes, clinically integrated networks (CINs), or other team based care delivery model
  • Unite clinical, administrative, claims and social determinants data

Enables Efficient Engagement

Providers don’t have the time or interest in piecing together fragmented health information. Neither do patients. HealthShare serves up the entire health and care record in a meaningful format, surfacing what matters, intelligently.

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Built on a Solid Foundation

Like all InterSystems healthcare solutions, HealthShare is built on our unified Health Informatics Platform. Every critical software component is created by InterSystems, so everything works together seamlessly and reliably at scale.

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Standard by Design

We ensure the integration and interoperability of health applications and data with a corporate commitment to HL7, IHE, and other global healthcare information protocols and messaging formats.

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Unified Products, Unified Information, Outstanding Outcomes

HealthShare products and add-on components work together to capture information, share it in a meaningful way, aid understanding and, ultimately, drive transformative action across organizations and communities.

IoT in Healthcare Is Really the Internet of Patients (IoP)

HealthShare Information Exchange

Gather and share health information within and between healthcare organizations; create a composite health record for each patient; create interoperability-driven applications.

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HealthShare Personal Community

Engage patients more fully in their own care, for better outcomes.

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HealthShare Health Insight

Unlock the value of shared health information. Leverage all of your information assets, including unstructured data, for analytics and the delivery of actionable insights when and where needed.

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HealthShare Patient Index

Create and manage a single source of truth for patient identity and demographics within a healthcare enterprise or across a health information network.

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HealthShare Health Connect

Connect to all patient information sources. Health Connect is a health service bus – the world’s first and best enterprise service bus designed specifically for the demands of healthcare.

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Personalized Population Health Management

Takes your organization to the next level of insightful, coordinated care for individuals and populations.

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Patient Engagement

Better information. Better communication. Better partnerships.

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Value-Based Payment and Risk Sharing

Ease your transition from fee-for-service to value-based care with InterSystem solutions and technology.

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Integration & Interoperability

Connect and share health information to create a foundation for eHealth solutions.

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Application Development

InterSystems Health Informatics Platform provides a robust application development environment for developing and deploying highly interoperable and secure healthcare applications.

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